Ituha is a National Award winner and songwriter.Β His love of music started as a boy growing up in the South Bronx.Β  He discovered an outlet and was heavily influenced by the Hip Hop culture of NYC. Whether through song or spoken word his raw transparency and clever lyrics draws the listener in as he delivers the message of Hope. Ituha has traveled throughout the U.S doing shows and is known to put on the ultimate performance.Β 


Ituha is a dynamic and passionate speaker. He has spoken at various venues and Boldly exposes his own battles with depression, suicide, violence, sexual abuse and drug addiction. He conveys in a real and practical way, how he was able to overcome through his faith in God and shares his continuous journey in recovery. He is an advocate in the community and his story continues to make a major impact in the lives of many people today.


a Native American name meaning “strong and powerful oak tree.” This was the name given to Ituha by his father, a descendent of the Potawatomi tribe.